Driving Instructor Horror Stories

THE web is replete with side-splitting accounts of errant learner drivers getting themselves and their instructors into all sorts of hilarious jams.

Many are featured in newspapers and on YouTube but a chronicle by one driving instructor from Birmingham, England, would have to take the biscuit.

On his website, 1stDrive.com owner Paul Dodd reveals a raft (read on to understand) of hair-raising learner drivers, scamming instructors and dodgy examiners.

His top prize for worst driving test goes to a woman from Guildford, whose fifth attempt to get her licence plumbed new depths.

“She got off to a terrible start by driving straight into the river Wye. The car sank, she swam ashore and the examiner, who could not swim, crawled onto the roof of the vehicle screaming for help,” Dodd said

“After asking whether she’d passed they told her they’d have to wait until the examiner had recovered from shock before he could announce the decision.”

Dodd’s website highlights horrendous weather conditions he’s encountered during driving lessons, including floods, tornadoes and knee-deep snow. It also discusses:

  • The sacking of examiners who cut driving tests short on one day to rush back to a staff darts tournament at the office.
  • The arrest of an examiner and several instructors who had cooked up a scam to fleece more than $5000 from learners in return for a guaranteed pass on the first attempt.
  • A learner driver who accelerated past every speed camera because he was told he would receive discounts on his insurance by getting bonus points for proving he could drive fast.

Last year, the Daily Mail reported how the car of a learner driver ended up on its roof in a driveway during a driving lesson near Oxford.

Learner driver car on roof
Photo courtesy Daily Mail.

The driver, who was on only her second lesson, apparently panicked when the steering wheel locked as she was crossing an intersection.

“She put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake, sending the car crashing into a gatepost before it flipped over,” the newspaper reported.

Daily Mail cartoon car on roof
Courtesy Daily Mail.

On a web forum for driving instructors in the UK, one contributor shared this amusing story:

“I met a chap for the first time, having told me (he) had driven for many years overseas. I ask him where, in towns, cities, villages? He replies everywhere! So we go for a drive and he is bad – real bad!  No comprehension of driving at all. After about 5 minutes of being thrown around the car I stop him and ask what he drove: reply…. TRACTOR.”

But it’s not always one-way traffic. The record of some driving instructors in the UK is so bad they, too, have been featured in the Daily Mail.

A woman in West Yorkshire is regarded as Britain’s worst driving instructor, with one of her learners failing the practical test 27 times.

Of the 169 driving tests  taken under her watch, only 26 were successful.

Meanwhile, a male instructor from Hampshire has a dismal 17% pass rate and a Manchester male instructor pushed him all the way with an 18% record.

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