Do you value fuel efficiency or performance?

When it comes to choosing cars, Aussies value fuel economy above performance, according to a study from Roy Morgan Research. 


Of the reported 15,140,000 motorists on Australia’s roads, nearly 80 per cent of them consider fuel efficiency to be more important in a vehicle than high performance. Three-quarters of them will only buy a car with a proven track record, and 72% spend a lot of time researching their options before deciding what car to buy.

Meanwhile, 69% of Aussie drivers agree that “I usually only consider the main car manufacturers as I don’t like to take the risk of a lesser known make” and 69% name safety as their ‘number one concern when choosing a vehicle’.

Auto attitudes and type of car driven

The report goes on to discuss some telling differences between the attitudes of drivers of different kinds of vehicles: light passenger cars and large SUVs, for example.


The most striking difference between these two groups is in their attitudes towards fuel efficiency.

For nearly nine of every ten (87%) light passenger car drivers, fuel efficiency is more important than high performance, while drivers of large SUVs are less concerned.

“Australians who drive light passenger cars are much more likely to regard their car simply as a means to get them safely and cost-effectively from A to B, while large SUV drivers tend to want much more than that from their vehicle,” says Jordan Pakes, Industry Director of Automotive at Roy Morgan Research.

However, both groups are willing to spend time researching their options before buying, and place a high priority on their chosen vehicle having a proven track record.

What do you think? Do you value fuel efficiency over performance?