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Are you thinking about selling your car in Perth? If you’re planning on going carless then no dramas there, but if you’re going to step into the car buyers market after you sell your car then you might be interested in some of the current automotive news. If you’re simply a car enthusiast then this will interest you as well!

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Drivers yet to replace 250,000 explosive airbags:

250,000 Australian vehicle owners are still driving around with Takata airbags which have recently been deemed faulty. Car manufacturers are feeling frustrated at the response of car owners because the fault can render the airbags explosive which can cause serious injury or even death to passengers. While the version under recall is the “alpha” version of the Takata airbag and 12,000 of them are still circulating, apparently the “beta” version is suspected of having some issues over time and is the one that has caused the death on record and has 250,000 still on the road. For some reason, vehicles owners are not willing to take the time to get their Takata airbags replaced and vehicle manufacturers are making a plea to the government to encourage driver’s to take this step, even if it means they will be denied rego renewal until doing so. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission finally changed the recall from voluntary to mandatory, but manufacturers are still have a hard time campaigning about the issue and getting Australian vehicle owners to take action. If you’re selling your car or looking at buying a new one, make sure you’re not one of these drivers! Replacing the airbags is free and can potentially save a life. Read the full article here

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Classic Bugatti car collection found hidden in artist’s barn:

In happier news for car-lovers than the airbag recall, there was an exquisite Bugatti car collection discovered in the barn of an artist in Belgium that is estimated to sell for over a million dollars once it hits auction. The collection is made up of a 1937 Bugatti 57 Cabriolet, a 1932 Type 49 Berline, and a 1929 Type 40 which had a reconstructed wooden body made by the sculptor himself after the car was in an accident. The marvelous Bugatti collection lived beside a 1925 Citroen Torpedo and all the cars were stored away in a barn with its entrance blocked by an old, broken vehicle to turn people away. To see the rest of the photos, head over here, and read more about the auction here, . 

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2019 Lexus ES300h recalled:

If you’re selling a car in Perth and on the hunt for a new vehicle, it’s important to know about any recalls or surprises happening with the vehicles coming on the market. Two models of the new 2019 Lexus, the ES300h and the UX250h, have already seen 10 recalls since they hit the market. A temporary sales stop has been put on some of the new Lexus and Toyota hybrids due to a faulty electric brake booster, which can stop operating properly. Because the loss of the power brake assist could result in a longer stopping time, there is potential for accidents to occur when unsuspecting drivers lose their normal braking capacity. Lexus dealers have begun contacting vehicles owners to have them bring back their cars to get the issue resolved, which should only take a matter of hours and will not cost the owner anything. All vehicles recalled so far were versions manufactured in May of this year, 2019. For more information and for contact details, head over to the article here

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Toyota recalls MY19  hybrid models for brake fix:

Due to an identical issue as the Lexus above, Toyota had to put a temporary sales stop on the Prius, Rav4, Corolla, and Camry vehicles produced in both April and May of 2019. While the Lexus models only had 10 recalls, the Toyota hybrids that are potentially faulty are up around the 183 vehicle mark but so far have had no reported related. accidents or injuries. Toyota dealers are contacting the vehicles owners of these four models to encourage them to come get their vehicles inspected and the sales stop put on over two thousand vehicles has reportedly been lifted for the time being. If you’re selling your car in Perth and looking into a new Toyota Hybrid, make sure these issues have been checked out and resolved before buying. Read the article here. 

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Sales slump as economy hits speed bump:

The Federal Chambers of Automotive Industries tracks sales trends across the country and has been watching sales drop in the new car industry for over a year now. Declines in new car sales usually trends alongside increases in used car sales, but the data is showing that both industries are seeing a bit of a slow down. The chief executive of the Australian Automotive Dealers Association made a statement that the decline in sales is likely due to the royal commission’s impact on lending after the recent election. Car sales also seem to be linked to the housing market although it’s not entirely clear which one is the leading factor. If you’re selling a car in Perth and you want some more insight on the new and used car market, read the full article here

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