What To Do With A Car When Moving Overseas

Congratulations! You’ve made the somewhat scary but overall exciting decision to leave the shores of Australia for another distant land. Now to just worry about the seemingly never-ending list of “to do” items to check off before you go…

One big thing that a lot of people worry about is what to do with their car before they move overseas. It’s a legitimate concern; should I attempt to sell it now and struggle without a vehicle for the last few weeks of being in Australia? Can I try and palm it off last minute?

There are a number of viable options to explore, and we’ve laid out three of the best of them to help you make your decision.

1. Take your car with you

Can’t bear to part with your beloved vehicle? Why not take it along for the adventure? There are a number of companies that offer services to get your car moved overseas along with you, so that you don’t even have to imagine a life without it.

There are a few distinct disadvantages to this method, though. For starters, it’s a pretty expensive process, perhaps even more expensive than can be justified by the cost of your car. There’s also usually pretty strict rules for doing so, which vary depending on the country you’re moving to.

Rules usually apply to both the vehicle (make, model, year, etc.) and the owner of the vehicle (some places will require you to have a certain VISA or residency). There are also a lot of hoops to jump through in preparation, including making sure your car’s air conditioning is degassed before it sets of its journey.

If you’re willing to go through the hassle, though, it can be a nice reward to have your old faithful set of wheels once you’re in your new homeland.

2. Sell your car yourself before you go

If you’re up for parting ways with your car, you can always go the traditional route of selling it. There are many tried and tested methods for doing so – putting it online, in classified ads, or even driving around with a “For Sale” sign on the back window.

The main problem here is the unpredictability of it all. You could post an ad a month before you leave and sell it straight away, leaving you stranded. On the other side of things, you could post it 6 months before and never sell it, leaving you with something else to stress over when you’ve moved.

In the former scenario in particular, not having a car for those weeks or even months before you leave can be a huge inconvenience. Even if you hire a car to lighten the load, the cash you spend on that discounts the cash you made by selling it for a price you’re happy with in the first place.

3. Sell your car to a car buyer

Car buying companies provide a convenient, instant system that can work really well for someone moving overseas. They operate so that getting cash for your vehicle is quicker and easier than saying “sell my car!”

Better yet, companies like Are You Selling enable you to get instant quotes and will come to you wherever you are if needed, within 24 hours of enquiring. They’ll give you cash (some extra spending money for your new adventure) and you can be on your merry way.

The thing that really works about this method is that you can literally leave selling your car to the very last minute, and still be guaranteed a sale. Win win!