Can a Car Define Your Personality?

Apparently, yes! According to a study by researchers at UC Davis, the vehicle you purchase is a reflection of who you are. Subconsciously, people will often purchase cars that reflect their values and interests. Have you heard of a salesperson at a car yard trying to convince someone to purchase a particular car they fancy by using the phrase “it is really you”? I have, and it made me think – what makes the salesperson say that and do they actually mean it?

While some people think that a car is simply a mode of transportation, for others it is the ultimate status symbol. Behavioral psychologist, Joseph Sirgy, argues that people purchase the car to fit “three dimensions of self: who they think they are, who they want to be and how they like others to see them”. Consequently, regardless of whether you purchase a pick-up truck or a red convertible, the vehicle you choose automatically says a lot about you.

For instance, people who want to lessen their impact on the earth and worry about the environment will often purchase small cars, like Kia Soul or Honda Civic, as they are more fuel efficient and are easier to park.

Kia Soul, 2018

On the other hand, people who purchase luxury vehicles, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini for example, are less concerned with elements like fuel-efficiency, practicality or convenience. Suggesting that they are perhaps more interested in the “status” associated with these types of cars, focusing more on the extravagance and uniqueness of the vehicle.

Ferarri, 2018

So, what does your car say about you and how does it define your personality?
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