Buying A Car That Will Re-Sell Well

Amid the excitement of buying a new vehicle, the last thing you’re usually thinking about is how well it will resell down the track – but maybe you should be. You never know what circumstances are going to change a few years down the track – you may want to move overseas, expand your family and require a bigger people mover, or just feel like an upgrade.

Whatever happens, you want to know that when it’s time for you to say “I want to sell my car“, you’re going to get the most amount of money for it possible; and that thought process should start from the moment you choose your new vehicle.

1. All about that badge

The resell value between different brands varies greatly. According to Forbes, last year the best brand for keeping their value for the longest was Honda, followed closely by Toyota, Subaru, Hyundai, and Mazda.

While it’s important to choose a car you like, if you’re trying to make a call between a few vehicles then keep in consideration how well these top brands will go when it’s time to put your car back on the market.

2. It DOES matter if your car is black or white (or another colour)

The colour of your new vehicle is more important than just how pretty it is; it actually goes a long way in determining how easy it will be to sell your car late on. Sure, there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to fancy paint jobs and beautiful colours, but when you actually take a look around, you’ll find the majority are still sticking to relatively conservative shades. That means that’s what the majority are looking for when it comes to purchasing, too.

Interestingly, it’s blue, red, and silver that come out on top for popular colours. Green takes the fourth position, while your trusty white and black follow up closely in fifth and sixth.

3. The custom job is not always right

Yes, it can be tempting to pimp up your car with the latest technology, custom features, and expensive upgrade kits. You can feel like doing all this will just improve the overall value of your car, but beware; some custom fittings can scare buyers away.

Some feel as though certain custom jobs can make the car a bit of a target for thieves and vandals; others will just have different taste to yours and not be thrilled about buying a car modified in that way.

This certainly isn’t to say you can’t do anything to your car – it’s yours after all – it’s just important to think about how it can affect resale value at the end of the day.