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Model: XC90

Volvo has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to safe, reliable, child friendly cars that are affordable for families and singles alike. So what business does it have jacking prices up to the 100K mark for the XC90 range? Well, Volvo has entered new territory it turns out and the XC90 models seem like they may indeed be competitors for long-standing luxury vehicles. We’re talking cars like the BMW X5, the Audi Q7, the Range Rover Sport and even the Porsche Cayenne. While the XC90 cars may not have the biggest engine of the bunch, they seem to carry their weight in other ways. If you’re selling or buying a Volvo XC90 then read on and get equipped with everything you’ll need to know.


Prices vary between the seven available combinations of the three engine types (D5 Diesel, T6 Petrol, and T8 hybrid petrol) and three trim levels (Momentum, Inscription and R-design) on offer.

The entry level model is the XC90 Momentum D5 costs $89,950.

For the Inscription model on the D5 it is an extra $7,000 costing $95,950.

Another $1,000 gets you the R-design at $97,950.

The T6 engine models add an extra $4,000 for each trim level so

The T6 Momentum costs $93, 950,

The T6 Inscription costs $100,950, and

The T6 R-design costs $101,950.

The T8 is only available in the R-design and tops out the range at $122,950.

All prices above are before on-road costs and there is a long list of extras you can choose from as well:

Heated front seats for $375 and rear seats for $400,

Three-sixty degree camera for a whopping $1,750,

A digital radio for only $500 or opt for the premium sound system for $4,500.

If you’ve got the D5 or T6 powertrains then you can also choose to pay $160 if you’re still using CDs!

If you want fancy leather upholstery or leather dash and door panels it will run you $2,950 and $2,500 respectively.

There is a driver support pack for $4,000 and an IntelliSafe Assist package for $2,600 that we’ll detail below.

Unique to the D5 and T6 is the panoramic sunroof option for $2,950 while the T8 alone offers a 22-inch alloy wheel option for $3,825.

How’s that for options! As long as you’ve got the cash to back it up, you can go as wild as you please on extras.


While you’ve had a little peek into specifications from the Pricing section, let’s see what is included for each model before things are added on. It can get a little complicated with all the various combinations but they do have some key differing factors that we will try to make clear. Distinctions in Engines and Transmissions are outlined a little further down.

The D5 and T6 both come in all three trim levels:

The Momentum:

Connection for AUX/Bluetooth/Wifi, 12.3 inch display and 9 inch touchscreen, 19-inch alloy wheels, booster cushions, memory settings for electric front seats, four-zone climate control extending to third row, LED lights with active high beam.

The Inscription

This model includes all features of the Momentum plus several more of its own. Additions include: Nappa Leather Upholstery, colour-coordinated sills/bumpers and door handles with illumination, 20-inch alloy wheels, aluminium roof rails, leather-wrapped key and hands free entry. It also includes the Intellisafe SUrround details below in the Safety Section.

The R-Design

Perforated Nappa leather upholstery, carbon fibre inlays, silk metal side window surrounds and matte silver mirrors, personal power steering settings and 20-inch matt black diamond cut R-design alloy wheels. Of course, all of these are in addition to features in the above models.

The T8 only comes in R-design trim level:

T8 R-design

The T8 Twin-engine R-design has the same features as the previous R-design with three additional items: Electric panoramic sunroof, Tyre repair kit and crystal gear lever. As noted above in the price section, you can opt to add on many of these features even if they aren’t included in your chosen model.


These models have from 692 to 721 Litres in cargo capacity and seem to be quite roomy right back to the seats in the third row. Space is definitely not a concern in this 5-door, 7-seat mid-size SUV.


The XC90 range has achieved its 5-star ANCAP rating but varies in individual safety features across the different models, as well as optional add-ons listed here.

The IntelliSafe Assist option ($2,600 extra) includes a speed limiter, a lane keeping and queue assist, distance alert an adaptive cruise control.

If you choose the Driver support pack ($4,000) you will get the above plus a head-up display and a 360 degree camera on top.

Below are safety features that are included in the original cost for each model:

The Momentum:

Parking sensors and reverse view camera, rain-sensing wipers, cruise and driver alert control as well as lane change assist, electronic stability control, seven airbags, brake support and mitigation for pedestrian, cyclists and intersections.

The Inscription

This model includes the IntelliSafe surround with cross-traffic alert, rear-collision warning and blind-spot assist.

The R-Design

Same as above with options for extra packages.

Engine and Transmission

We’ve broken down the various specs on engines by the three powertrains below:

The D5

This one comes as a 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that makes 165kW and 470Nm. It has an 8-speed automatic transmission. It goes from 0-100km in 7.8 seconds.

The T6

This also has a 2.0L four-cylinder engine but as turbocharged or supercharged petrol option. It makes 235kW and 400 Nm and also has an 8-speed automatic transmission.It goes from 0-100km in 6.5 seconds.

The T8

This comes with a 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine with the addition of an electric motor. It makes 235kW plus an additional 65kW from the electric motor and makes 400Nm plus 240 Nm due to the electric motor. It goes from 0-100km in 5.6 seconds.

The engine and torque outputs of the XC90 range actually beat out the flashy BMW X5! That’s saying something for Volvo.

Fuel Consumption and Emissions

The D5

6.2L/100km combined fuel consumption rating

Roughly 160g/km C02 emissions.

The T6

8.5L/100km combined rating.

199g/Km C02 emissions.

The T8

2.1L/100km combined rating.

Roughly 59g/km in C02 emissions.


Volvo in general offers a generous 5-year or 100,000km warranty with regular maintenance.

What the Experts think:

Pros: This car has all the long-standing values of safe and efficient Volvo cars with the power and luxury of flashy high-end brands.

Cons: Price point up with high-end brands, large additional costs for features.

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