Model: HIACE

In recent years, the HiAce has dominated more than 40 per cent of the light van market, well ahead of main rival the Hyundai iLoad.

There has been a marked shift towards diesel during the past decade with customers buying more diesel HiAce vans than petrol vans each year since 2010.

The latest version of the Toyota HiAce has received a significant upgrade, led by the addition of a punchier petrol engine option with a new six-speed auto, and extra safety equipment.

Two new body-styles have also been added to the range — a five-seat crew van and a reduced 12-seat version of the commuter bus that can be driven on a standard licence.

And every new HiAce is also now equipped with the safety of electronic vehicle stability control (ESC), brake assist for greater stopping power in an emergency, hill-start assist control and an emergency stopping signal.

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