When a car has existed in Australia for 50 years you know it must have a sturdy reputation.
Australia’s small car buyers continue to turn to the Toyota Corolla, despite the fact there are now plenty of alternatives on offer in a very crowded market.

For most of its life the Corolla has been aimed at those seeking reliability over styling flair, sporty handling, or luxury features.

But that predictableness is the major reason consumers continue to put their faith in both new and used Corollas.

In its latest generation, the Corolla was given a bolder design, although it is still one of the more traditional vehicles in its niche.

So from a buying and selling perspective, it will remain a safe bet for many years to come.

However the Corolla hasn’t been totally without issues.

A recall in 2012 related to the switch on the driver’s side power window, which could become inoperative.

Owners of affected cars were contacted by mail and were asked to take their cars to their dealer and have them checked. A check of the owner’s manual will tell you if this has been done, if not, it should be and it could give you leverage to negotiate a lower price with the vendor.

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