Since 1967, the Toyota Corolla has been carrying passengers on Australian roads. It has earned its reputation for safety, but ultimately for trustworthiness. Despite lacking some of the more luxurious or sporty features from other makes, the Toyota has consistently been in the top selling small cars, if not number one itself. While the Corolla has slowly modernised in terms of looks and features, especially in its Hatch version, it maintains a rather traditional look that plays well for consumers who value reliability over fashion. Two of the Corolla’s main rivals are the Hyundai i30 and the Mazda3, both with updated design and features as well as competitive pricing, keeping the Corolla on its toes.

If you’re buying or selling a Toyota Corolla there’s no reason that you shouldn’t feel confident on either end of the sale. Corollas have proven themselves to stand the test of time and it seems that Australia trusts in them whether new or used. The only recall reported in the Corollas long history was in 2012 models in which the switch on the driver’s side window stopped working on some cars. While most of the affected cars would have been fixed at the time of the switch malfunction, it’s possible that some of them were missed. When you are checking on the general servicing history in the owner’s manual, you should also be able to check whether this issue was addressed as this may affect the selling price.

Let’s have a closer look at the newer, but not newest, models to get a feel for pricing on used Corollas as well as the difference between the Hatch and the Sedan and the various engine options within each category. It’s important to know how the Corolla you’re buying or selling measures up in terms of specs and features, so it’s a good idea to get a feel for the whole range. Let’s check it out.

Price, Engine and Transmission

The price for used Corollas varies depending on not only condition and kilometres, but the type of engine and transmission. The Sedan and the Hatch are the two main body kit categories with several spec choices within each. Below are current used price ranges for the 2017 model, just to give you a benchmark.


The entry level car is the Ascent with a 1.8L petrol engine that ranges from $16-24,000 for the CVT auto transmission, and $18-21,000 for the 6-speed manual. The Ascent sport has the same engine and transmission option and ranges from $19,500-24,000 for the auto and $18-21,000 for the manual.

The next level up is the Hybrid which has a 1.8L Hybrid/petrol engine that comes only with a CVT automatic transmission and ranges from $23,600-27,500.

Moving right along we have the popular Corolla SX which has the same engine and auto transmission as the others and ranges from $21,800-26,000.

Top the of line ZR also has a 1.8L petrol engine with CVT auto transmission and ranges between $27,000-32,000.


Entry-level for the Hatch is also the Ascent with a 1.8L petrol engine with an option for a CVT auto for $16-24,000, and a 6-speed manual for $18-21,000. This is roughly the same as the Ascent Sedan. The Hatch does not have an option for the Ascent Sport.

The Hatch SX comes as either CVT auto or the 6-speed manual, both going for roughly $21,800-26,000.

The ZR tops out at $27,000-32,000 and comes only with a CVT auto transmission.

As all models share the 1.8L petrol engine, the all have an output of 103kW (at 6400 rpm) and 173 Nm torque (at 4000 rpm).

The glacier white options are cost free while the other seven colours you might come across costs an extra $450.

It’s also good to keep in mind that all Corollas are Front-wheel-drive and there is no option for 4×4 or all-wheel here.


While the size and shape of the Sedan and Hatch vary drastically (noted below), the actual interior features are much the same. The 7.0 inch touchscreen and sat nav are a standard for all models (except the Ascent Sport where navigation is optional), as well as USB, Aux, and Bluetooth connectivity. All models have AC, cruise control, power windows, six-speaker sound system, and halogen projector headlights. The hatch as 16-inch steel wheels while the Sedan’s are 15 inch, but add on an inch for both when you upgrade to the SX. Unfortunately, none of the Corolla options come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


The Corolla is considered a small-car and so not valued especially for its cargo capacity, but it isn’t too squishy once inside. The Sedan is certainly the larger vehicle when it comes to actual measurements as it’s almost 300mm longer and 15mm wider. That said, the Hatch is quite a bit taller which is more pleasant for passengers who value headroom, and although the boot is 110 litres smaller than the Sedan’s, its a boxy shape with a wider entry and is actually easier to pack.

There are also ample cup holders and door-bottle holders in both variations, as well as a roomy centre console for extra storage.


In the pricier models the “Safety Sense” package is included in the price, but it costs and extra $750- $1,500 in the base level options. The package includes Lane-departure warnings, automatic high beams, and autonomous emergency braking.

The standard inclusions for all Corollas are: ABS brakes with brake force distribution, emergency brake signal, reversing camera, stability and traction control, seven airbag system, hill-start assistance and parking sensors in the rear. You’ll also get parking sensors on the front plus fog lamps in the SX.

Warranty, Consumption and Emissions

The reported combined fuel consumption rating is 6.1L/100km in the hatch and 6.7 in the sedan but the number goes up with the 6-speed manual transmission. If you really want fuel saving then go for the Hybrid option that scores roughly 4.1L/100km.

Emissions are usually 159g/km for used vehicles.

Corolla has a pretty standard 3-year/100,00 km warranty with recommended 6 month/10,000km services. They cap fees at $140 for regular servicing. When you’re buying a used Corolla you might also find some that have extended warranties by one, two, or even three years that you will inherit when you buy the car.

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