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    Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo


    Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

    The Falcon XR6 Turbo isn’t necessarily the most aesthetically beautiful when it comes to interior design, nor are the ergonomics the most functional with a low set steering wheel and high driver’s seat, but the acceleration from start, and even at already high speeds, is what really makes your skin tingle. The powerful engine combined with a sports suspension and limited-slip differential on 18- (or 19-) inch alloy wheels really makes the XR6 an exciting ride.

    Even though this car is definitely on the sportier side, it is still absolutely a roomy sedan that can serve as a family vehicle for scooting around down and going on long road trips to visit the grandparents. It’s got a full 5-star ANCAP safety rating, brake assist, stability control, and 6 air bags. There are also seat belts reminders, fatigue warning, rear camera and parking sensors and delayed lighting fade to make sure you get in the house safely.

    As we said, this XR6 is a true sedan, and spaciousness is one of its best qualities. Three full-grown humans can fit in the rear seats with plenty of legroom and won’t have to duck there heads when going over speed bumps. There is also a 535L boot to fit heaps of shopping or suitcases or you can opt for a full-size alloy spare wheel and you’ll still get 505 litres of storage.

    Aside from the powerful engine and roomy interior, XR6 owners will enjoy the standard features including climate control,  8-inch touchscreen,  bluetooth connectivity etc. The only obvious fallback in inclusions is the lack of keyless entry and start which is a basic inclusion of other comparable cars on the market.

    Key Stats

    Engine: four litre, 6 cylinder, turbo charged engine that makes a down right impressive 270kW and 533Nm that allows it to punch out 0-100km/hr in roughly 5.6 seconds. Transmission is a 6-speed automatic and all versions are rear-wheel-drive.

    Fuel consumption is reported at 11.7L/100km and emissions are 278g/km of Co2.

    Warranty was the basic 3 year/100,000 kms with servicing ever 15,000kms or annually with a $360 cap.


    As new, the XR6 Turbo costs $48, 235. Private used sales tend to start around the $15,000 mark and go up to $28,000 or so. The asking price depends greatly on number of owners, documented regular service history, kilometres driven, accident history, and general wear and tear. Extra features and add on packs may bring the price up as well.

    Buying or Selling a Used Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

    Despite the many favourable attributes of the XR6, there is still a particular weakness regarding the transmission. The transmission coolers seem to have a problem with coolant leaking and disrupting the transmission oil which may mean an entirely new transmission is needed, a costly job. Ford has endeavoured to fix this issue but it seems that it’s still popping up from time to time so best to have the transmission checked out whether you are buying or selling an XR6. Luckily, the engines seems to be sound and reliable.

    What our car experts think:

    Pros: Dreamy, sporty drive with incredible power and acceleration. The car is smooth on both highways and unsealed roads. It’s also incredibly roomy in true sedan style.

    Cons: The aesthetics are a bit boring and cheap looking and the seat-to-wheel set up isn’t the most ergonomical. There is also the transmission issue to look out for.


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