Avoid Getting Scammed When Selling Your Car

Top seller safety tips from Are You Selling

There are many concerns for seller safety around selling a car, be it over the possibility of getting ripped off or something more serious in way of actual physical danger. Are You Selling has put together some tips to cover all bases, so you can keep completely safe as you sell your car.

Avoiding frauds/scams when selling your car

As with any sale that you orchestrate yourself, you risk possibly being ripped off by a scam artist. When you’re selling something as expensive as a car, that risk starts to multiply. Luckily there are some red flags that you can look out for to make sure you don’t get scammed and instead can sell your car to a legitimate buyer.

  1. The “buyer” sends you an email asking if they can buy your car through a cashier or certified cheque and have you ship the vehicle to them. They will offer you to put more money in your account than you’re asking for, saying this will cover the shipping costs to get the vehicle to them. Then they will ask you to transfer that difference to the “shipping company”, which will actually be an account they control. The key here is to always be wary of anyone that requires you to transfer money, even if it seems they have given you the money in the first place.
  2. Someone approaches you claiming to be acting on behalf of an interested buyer. They state they are going to act as a “middleman”, collecting the money from the buyer and then transferring it to you once the car has been delivered and signed off by their client. While there are some legitimate companies that offer this service, it’s important you thoroughly check out this person’s story to ensure they aren’t just taking you for a ride.
  3. The “buyer” wants to test drive the car on their own. This may seem obvious, but it is a major red flag and you should avoid anyone trying to take your car for a test drive on their own at all costs.

The main thing is, follow your gut. Even if you can’t put your finger on why, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable or gives the impression they may not be a legitimate buyer, don’t sell your car to them!

Keeping out of danger

As well as protecting yourself against scam artists, it’s important to take measures to keep out of potential danger, as well. Most people contacting you to look at your car will likely be genuine enquiries, but that doesn’t mean you should completely throw caution to the wind.

Some tips to follow to make sure you keep safe while selling your car include:

  1. When they’re coming to see the car, avoid meeting them somewhere without many people around, especially at dark. Either choose somewhere public and generally with people in vicinity, such as a car park, or your home when someone else is home with you.
  2. If you’re nervous about going on a test drive with someone, either take a friend along with you or, at the very least, make sure someone is aware of where you are while you’re out.
  3. Try to get their contact details before you meet up with them, in particular their driver’s licence number.

Follow these tips, as well as your own instincts, and stay safe when selling your car!