Automated Car Quotes- Fact or Fiction?

Can a robot buy your car? Sadly the answer is no, and until we set up camp on Mars the answer will remain no. However, the good news is we can! We are the only car-buying company that provides a REAL and HONEST quote. We are here to serve you and have a full floor of expert staff working hard to get you the best and most honest price.

Automated quotes are a lazy way of dealing with clientele and sadly there are still many used-car buying companies that use this method. If you choose to move forward with any of these companies please proceed with caution, as it is virtually impossible to correctly value your vehicle before seeing it. There are so many variables to take into consideration when calculating your car’s value, for example, condition, color, city/state, registration, tyre condition, service history… the list goes on! This is why we never give an automated quote, we guarantee that you will always speak to a live consultant and not a robot that blurts out a rough estimate only to get your hopes up then let you down. We understand that time is money and your time is always valuable to us so we try and make the process as quick, easy and HONEST as possible.

Whilst it is very impressive that robots can fold clothes, clean floors and even provide companionship, I think we can all agree that they are not the most reliable source of car valuing information. And to help you feel even more at ease we also are happy to provide a best price guarantee for any written any written offer made by another company, after inspection!