Australia’s first self-driving car!

Developed on our home soil, Australia’s first self-driving car was revealed today.

Bosch developed the vehicle in a joint union with the Victorian Government, which invested a modest $1.2 million in the project. The idea behind the investment was to reduce road trauma, road rage (you should see my Russian Grandfather swear like a truck driver) and congestion, with the Victoria Roads Minister Luke Donnellan stating that “the project was a step towards reducing deaths on the state’s roads” when he first set eyes on the vehicle today.

Autonomous driving concept and driverless car safety system symbol as a road traffic sign as an automobile icon with human hands and arms waving up to the sky as a metaphor for hands free autopilot transportation technology.

The car’s main features include sensors to detect hazards such as ¬†cyclists, pedestrians¬†and other vehicles and even boats internal cameras to monitor driver errors like fatigue.

Uber drivers must be crying themselves to sleep at the thought of their jobs being taken over by the ghost of Australia’s first self-driving car.

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