Australia will not be world’s car dumping ground

In a decision that has been welcomed from many corners of the motoring community, the Australian government has given an assurance that the country will not turn into the world’s dumping ground for vehicles.

This was in stark contrast to conclusions made in the¬†Productivity Commission’s final report for their Inquiry into Australia’s Automotive Manufacturing Industry. The commission¬†believed that relaxing restrictions on overseas models would benefit the country’s industry, but this has been slammed from all corners.

In the commission’s report, the proposal was also meant to improve access to cheap second hand vehicles in Australia. However, with the strong Australian dollar and other market influences, used car prices are at their lowest in ten years.

One problem was stated that it would hurt the chances of local motorists selling their cars through dealerships as the market would be swamped with foreign second-hand cars.

FCAI Chief Executive, Tony Weber explained that Australia’s competitive car market and environmental and safety technologies can’t be put at risk for imported vehicles.

“With the significant year-on-year improvements in vehicle technology, it goes without saying that a newer motor vehicle fleet is better for consumers as newer cars are safer, more environmentally friendly and more reliable,” he said.

“The high level of competition is benefiting consumers, with a vast majority of models sold in Australia at a cheaper price than other right-hand drive markets.”

Bringing in additional second hand vehicles could also have a negative affect on the nation’s road toll. With many of these vehicles not up to the tough conditions of our roads, buying an overseas driven vehicle could put safety at risk.

“No decision has been taken by the Australian Government to reduce these restrictions and we have no intention of allowing Australia to become the dumping ground for other countries’ old secondhand vehicles,”¬†Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said in a statement.