Are Electric Cars the Future?

There is no doubt that the future is in electric cars.

The National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA),  is pushing for the  Australian government to stop building diesel cars and instead invest more money into increasing the number of chargers, especially along highways.

True to its own words, the NRMA is putting their money where it’s mouth is by investing its own money into building a network of charging stations. In fact, it has already built 10 with 30 more underway.

The private sector is not far behind. Mirvac, whose portfolio includes commercial offices, retail centres and industrial properties across Australia, have already installed electric car charging stations in nine of its shopping centres.

The Telsa electric car charging bays at Broadway, Sydney

Mr Tim Weale, the general manager of the company, says that the success of
these stations has exceeded their expectations. Apparently, the use of these charging bays has grown from about 150-200 to more than 1000 since they went live in October 2017.

Shoppers can even charge their cars for free at these centres. In the time it would take you to run to Kmart and stock-up on your favourite homewares, you can also have your car fully charged ready for your drive home!

Do you think electric cars are the way of the future?
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