ANCAP ratings easier for second hand vehicles

With increasing technology in newer vehicles, it is easy to see why many are so highly rated according to the¬†Australasian New Car Assessment Program’s (ANCAP) safety ratings.

However, sometimes with older second hand vehicles, it’s more difficult to find information on their safety due to their age. Although, if the vehicle was released before 1994, then there is a good chance that ANCAP crash tested it.

The crash test authority¬†has changed its test categories with every new year, so the criteria that a five star vehicle met in 1995, for example, is different to what today’s vehicles are put through.

Therefore, to make this process easier when you are buying a second hand vehicle, ANCAP has announced plans to add a new datestamp component to all new vehicles. This will signify what the rating year requirements that the vehicle as met or failed to achieve, for example, “Tested 2014”.

Chairman, Lauchlan McIntosh explained that a vehicle from years ago that achieved a five star is still safe, but it has been tested using different parameters.

“ANCAP prides itself on the provision and presentation of independent and easy to understand ratings to consumers,” he said.

“Consumers are now well aware of ANCAP and its 1 to 5 star safety rating system and are interested to know how a 5 star rating of earlier years compares with a 5 star rating of today.”

Although it is impossible to date stamp back models, it does create a comparison between versions and will be useful moving forward.

For consumers investing in a second hand vehicle, it is recommended to log onto the ANCAP website to view the car’s safety ratings. Each model tested is given a comprehensive report that is invaluable to anyone interested in safety.