All The Stages Of Getting Your Driver’s Licence & First Car

So it’s finally happened. You’ve turned 17 (or 18 – poor Victorians), and with your new age comes a whole new wave of freedom. Granted you’ve passed your driving test and you have a vehicle of your own (or one to borrow), it’s time to celebrate!

It’s also time to go through the inevitable stages of getting your first car/driver’s licence for the first time, like…

Thinking you look like this when you’re driving

ryan gosling drive gif
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Even though it’s more like this…

manny driving gif modern family
Source: Tumblr

But who cares right? You have a car! And a license! And freeeeeedom!

dobby is a free elf gif
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(well, as long as you stick to the curfew and bring home some milk when your parents ask you to)

Now you can go shopping whenever the heck you want

get in loser we re going shopping mean girls
Source: ANDPOP

You can choose and blast your OWN music

joseph gordon levitt don jon gif
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It’s a known fact that McDonald’s tastes better when you bought it on a drive thru adventure where you were behind the wheel

take that gif
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(even if it is breaking your diet)

Awkward bus rides? A thing of the past

scott pilgrim and ramona flowers movie
Source: HUGE LOL

But then, the novelty of being the “driver” amongst your friends can start to wear thin…

drunk driving gif
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Suddenly you’re the go-to for favours, like asking to be picked up from parties at 3am

phoebe i wish i could but i don t want to
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And then there’s that moment that you pay for petrol the first time

funny pictures from the office

And finally, after a little while, you start to get a bit lonely driving. For the first time, you start missing always having your parents around in the car…

driving gif tumblr
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zoolander jeep party
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The freedom of driving outweighs all of the cons. End of story.

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