Selling Car Guide

A First Timer’s Guide to Selling Your Car

So you’ve been thinking about selling a car but don’t know how to go about it? These steps will ensure you have taken every step to give you the best chance to sell your car for the best price.

Maximising the Value of your Vehicle

Physical Condition of Vehicle

Ensure that the car is clean and in the best condition visually attainable. You may choose to pay a professional detailing company to clean your car. This would normally include, at minimum, an exterior wash and wax, interior vacuuming, window cleaning and surface polishing. For further costs, the company may offer services such as paint touch-ups and engine bay cleaning. The process may be expensive, at around $200 on average. However, a professional and reputable company will be able to restore the vehicle to near-mint condition. Make sure to check reviews before choosing a company to detail your vehicle. 

physical condition of vehicle

If you choose to clean the vehicle yourself, make sure to clean all parts of the car, especially the engine bay, door openings, boot openings, footwells and under the floor mats. Make sure that the wheels and chrome trimming around the car have all been cleaned. Check the tread left on the tyres to make sure that they are still safe to drive on. 

cleaning vehicle

If you’re a smoker and do smoke inside the car, be sure to clean the ashtray and lighter. Ensure that the interior of the car does not smell like cigarettes. If it does, use a deodoriser or air fresheners to remove the smell. 

By having the car recently serviced, it will show that all the potential issues that a standard service focuses on are functioning correctly and with no problems. These areas include the vehicle’s battery, exhaust, transmission and oil levels. 

Replacing any damaged or faulty components such as blown light bulbs are an inexpensive way to make a positive impact on a prospective buyer. 


Make sure to have all relevant servicing records of the vehicle. Appropriate and regular maintenance is a great pro. If a vehicle does not have adequate servicing records the value will greatly decrease. 

car documentation

Having paperwork of every repair and maintenance work done to the car as well as, warranty information, manuals and any other records, will assist in judging the condition of the vehicle accurately and essentially providing the best price for the vehicle. 

Following these steps will make sure that you have maximised the appeal of the vehicle essentially providing you with the best price possible. 

car dashboard

Get in Contact

Now that you have the car in the best condition and all your paperwork put together, it’s time to start the simple process of getting in touch with Are You Selling! There are three simple steps to the process, starting with getting a quote online. All you have to provide is contact information, and basic information about your vehicle then submit for an estimate. Once processed, we will come to you to have your vehicle inspected and valued. We have staff Australia wide to evaluate your car, furthermore, it is a free car valuation. After the amounts have been agreed upon, you will be paid instantly. Once starting the process on our website, you will be paid within 24 hours!