5 Times Nissan Won Twitter

Some companies just know how to do this whole Twitter game right, and Nissan (@NissanUSA) is one of those. Just over half a million followers can’t be wrong, and when you read through their tweets you can see how they’ve built up such a fanbase.

Here are our 5 favourites of all time from Nissan’s Twitter account.

1. Putting a new spin on the Kim (C)ardashian #breaktheinternet campaign

Remember when everyone was going crazy about this Paper magazine cover, featuring Kim Kardashian and a particularly unbelievable champagne party trick?

Kim Kardashian's Paper Mag Cover

Well Nissan took it upon themselves to set things straight as to who had the more impressive booty…

Nissan Twitter Kim Kardashian

Serves her right for driving a Rolls Royce rather than a Nissan, really.

2. Getting nods from Golden Globes winning films

Sometimes it feels like the Super Bowl is less about the football and more about the ads between play, and Nissan’s 2015 contribution certainly grabbed attention with their With Dad commercial.

(Here it is – for those who haven’t watched it yet)

The commercial follows the life of young boy from birth up until adulthood, a similar premise to the Golden Globes winning and Oscar nominated film Boyhood, by Richard Linklater (although the film went for about 3 hours longer than the ad). Nissan earned a cheeky little nod from the Boyhood’s official Twitter account, to which they responded perfectly.

Nissan Twitter Boyhood

3. Who doesn’t love a good LOTR reference?

Simple, but effective. This tweet did well to not only reference the hugely iconic Lord Of The Rings, but also showed off Nissan’s sexy brake lights.

Nissan Twitter LOTR

4. Cute little interaction with Doritos

When you think of Nissan, obviously you think of Doritos… or not. Either way, they make for a great pairing with their Twitter interactions. Our favourite was a recent one that was also birthed from Doritos complimenting Nissan on their With Dad 2015 Super Bowl commercial.

Nissan Twitter Doritos

5. One-upping Ferrari with class

When electronic music producer Deadmau5 modified his Ferrari 458 Spider to include a Nyan cat wrap (dubbing it his “Purrari”), he got into a bit of hot water with the manufacturer.

Deadmau5' Purrari

They sent him a cease-and-desist letter telling him he needed to restore the car back to its original condition. Sensitive much?

Either way, Nissan thought it was the perfect opportunity to step in and see how they could help out. They sent this tweet to Deadmau5 with a beautiful (but Photoshopped) image to ease his pain.

Nissan Twitter Deadmau5 Nissan Twitter Deadmau5

Ferrari probably didn’t find it very funny – but at least Deadmau5 did!

Nissan Twitter Deadmau5

And so did we. Keep up the good work, Nissan!

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