10 Best Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

We’re still in the thick of the holiday season which means one thing for a lot of families and individuals: road trips. Whether you’re going across the country to visit the parents for Christmas or you’re bundling up in the car for a classic Aussie holiday, spending endless hours in a little metal box can start to get tiring.

Lucky for you we’re here, with the ultimate list of the best car games to play on your big road trip. So buckle up, get ready to have some fun, and remember to keep safe out on those roads!

1. I Spy

It’s a classic, and no road trip list would be complete without I Spy. You (more than likely) played it to death when you were a kid, but all the same this is how it works.

Whoever is “it” picks something that they can see – you can either restrict the game to be within the car or outside, as long as whatever is outside will be seen for a while – and they say “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…” whatever letter it begins with.

Everyone playing then takes it in turns to guess what it might be, until someone gets it right and they take over by choosing something that they spy.

2. 20 Questions

There are many variations of 20 Questions, but the most common is having someone think of a celebrity and everyone else getting 20 yes or no questions to guess who that celebrity is. You can also do other categories, like fictional characters, vegetables, animals, minerals, or whatever you like! If 20 questions is too restricting, you can make it unlimited until someone guesses it right and gets to take over.

3. Alphabet Game

There are plenty of road signs, billboards, and more that you’ll encounter as you drive along. The alphabet game sees every player trying to spot words that begin with each letter of the alphabet, beginning with “a” and working their way all the way to “z”.

If a player sees a word that begins with the letter they are up to, they must call it out first to claim it, to ensure that not every player just counts every word and finishes at the same time. What makes it tricky (and fun) is when someone gets stuck on certain letters, especially if they’re gotten really far ahead only to land on “v” for hours. You might want to make it that you can see a word that begins with “ex” for the letter “x”, though.

4. Guess The Tune

Turn your car into a musical by playing Guess The Tune. You can either hum or whistle a tune and get others to guess it, or, if you have a book or anything with a lot of text on it in your car, you can sing the song while replacing the lyrics with whatever random thing you’re reading.

5. The Market Game

Again, there are a few variations to this, but the basic premise is that someone begins and says, “I went to the market, and I bought…” something with “a”, for example “artichoke”. The next person then carries on by saying “I went to the market and I bought an artichoke, and a…” something starting with “b”.

This continues as you move through the alphabet, with each person needing to remember the object for every letter before theirs before adding their own. If someone can’t remember or gets it wrong, they are eliminated, until either only one person is left or you get to “z”.

6. Team Storytelling

Another great collaboration game, this sees each player adding a sentence to a story. You can be as weird and creative as you want, as long as the story makes some sort of sense. You’ll be surprised by how many different directions one story can take with everyone adding their own ideas to it!

7. License Plates

With so many cars passing by, why not utilise the many different number plates you come across? There are a few games you can play to do with license plates, but our favourite is trying to come up with an acronym based on the letters, with the most creative answer being deemed the “winner”.

8. Car Cricket

Car cricket is a great game that requires a bit of mathematical thinking and luck, too. Each player takes it turn to “bat”, and when it’s their turn they count the amount of coloured cars that go past in the opposite direction, until a white car comes along. When a white car passes, that means they’re out and the next person is up to bat.

Rules can change depending on how you want to play, but for a basic game you can just count every car that isn’t white that passes as a run. You can also choose to give extra point for trucks, motorhomes, and motorcycles, or even a couple of rare colours for which a player gets 4 or 6 runs.

9. Radio Game

With the radio off, each person in the car chooses a word. Everyone has to have a different word to each other. Then, turn the radio back on and whoever’s word gets spoken or sung first wins that round! Keep playing until you’re sick of stopping and starting music.

10. Fortunately/Unfortunately

This game is pretty simple, but still fun; especially if people are willing to get a bit creative. One person says a sentence that begins with “fortunately…” and someone else responds with an “unfortunately…” rebuttal.

For example someone might say, “fortunately, I just won a million dollars”, to which someone might respond, “unfortunately, it was Monopoly money.” You can also switch it up to lead with “unfortunately” to make things more interesting.


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