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I can inspect your car today! I can inspect your boat today. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!

Boats must be a 2004 make or newer.

Sell Your Boat in Melbourne

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Wouldn’t you rather be sipping on a coffee in your local or watching the latest flick at the movies or spending your quality time elsewhere than stressing out about selling your boat privately? From escalating advertising costs through to wasting your time organising inspections with low ballers, selling privately can quickly become a nightmare.

At Are You Selling, we make it our goal to keep the selling process as quick, cheap and simple for you, without all the unnecessary stress. As long as your boat is a 2004 make or newer and is in good shape, we’ll take it off your hands!

The simple way to selling your boat, wherever you in Melbourne

Having purchased easily over 1000 boats over the years, we’ve got the process nailed down pat:

  1. Fill out our online form to get in touch with us for a fast quote
  2. One of our expert valuers will come out to meet you for an onsite inspection
  3. We offer you the best guaranteed price for your boat

If you’re satisfied with the deal, you’ll leave with cash in your pocked on the same day, before pickup and within 24 hours! So don’t delay any longer, sell your boat to the Melbourne experts at Are You Selling today.

Need Someone in Melbourne to Buy Your Boat ASAP?

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At some point, and for any of number of reasons, you will probably need to sell your boat fast. Whatever the issue is, we can help you get rid of that boat fast - with minimal hassle and guaranteed best prices.

Our friendly team at Are You Selling are ready to buy your boat for cash right now. Don't waste your time trying to sell privately. Get it done now, quickly and easily.

We're located anywhere in Australia that you need us to be. And we come to you. The days of wondering where you should go to sell your boat are over! Our risk-free service gets it all done for you.