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I can inspect your car today! I can inspect your boat today. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!

Boats must be a 2004 make or newer.

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Trust Brisbane’s leading boat buyers for a hassle-free way to sell your boat!

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Instead of having to deal with countless of inspections and forking out money for all that advertising, forget private sales and do the smart thing – turn to Are You Selling. Building on over 35 years’ experience buying unwanted boats, we sure know a thing or two about securing good deals.

With an Australia-wide network, we even come out to see you so you can sell your boat with minimal effort! As long as it passes our quality checks and is a 2004 make or newer, you’ll be done before you know it.

Quit wasting your time, get rid of that old boat and imagine what you could do with all that spare cash!

To make your experience as smooth and quick as possible, we keep our process real simple.

  1. Fill out our form to get a quick online quote
  2. We’ll organise for one of our staff to come out to you for an onsite inspection
  3. We offer you the best price for your boat

If you’re happy to proceed with the deal, we’ll arrange for a pickup to happen ASAP and we’ll transfer you the money on the same day of sale! What are you waiting for? Contact Are You Selling for a quote and sell your boat in Brisbane today.

Want Someone to Buy Your Boat in Brisbane?

Trust Are You Selling, Brisbane's top boat selling experts

Trying to sell your boat can easily become a big headache and chore. Sure, selling privately can offer you a way to get more money, but it can take up a lot of your personal time. Working with us gives you the experience and expertise of a professional boat dealer for the price of nothing. We have a large category of people looking to buy boats, so you can rely on us to do all the hard work.

Helping match the right buyers with sellers

We put sellers in front of buyers. Not literally, but that's what our service does. We match those asking 'where can I find someone to buy my boat' in front of those stating 'I'm looking for a boat to buy'. It's a marriage of need versus want at its purest.

So now that you have Are You Selling, you can stop harassing everyone you know and asking them 'Hey, do you want to buy my boat?', and go back to worrying about things far more important.