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I can inspect your car today! I can inspect your boat today. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!

Boats must be a 2004 make or newer.

Sell Your Boat in Adelaide

For a hassle-free, easy way to sell your boat, choose Are You Selling

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With over 35 years’ leading experience, Are You Selling can help you make your boat selling experience a total breeze. We like securing good deals without the hassle, stress and time wastage commonly linked to private sales, which is why Adelaide residents trust us to get the job done.

We buy all makes and models, just as long as your boat is in good knick and is a 2004 model or newer. 

There’s a reason why Adelaide residents rely on us to sell their boats

Our process is quick and simple:

  1. You fill out our online form and we’ll respond to you with a quote ASAP
  2. One of our team members will come out to you for an onsite inspection
  3. We offer you the best deal, guaranteed

If you’re happy with our price, you’ll get paid instantly – before pickup and within 24 hours. Too easy; contact us for a quote and sell your boat anywhere in Adelaide today!

Looking for Someone to Buy Your Boat in Adelaide?

Are You Selling - Your best choice for finding a buyer for your boat

There is little doubt that if you're asking where do I find someone to buy my boat in Adelaide that you're looking for a service that knows how to get the job done. And it wouldn't hurt if the service is done very quickly and easily. With over 40 years' experience in selling, Are You Selling gives boat sellers a quick and convenient way to get from under their boats.

We make selling your boat simple!

The bottom line is that selling a boat can be extremely tricky, especially when you're comparing to a car or bike sale. Which is why it's easy for a boat to end up sitting and gathering dust for months or years on end because finding the right buyer can be so difficult.

Don't go through a stressful, time wasting experience; leave it to the professionals at Are You Selling. You can trust us to get it done fast and hassle-free!